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A geothermal water source unit utilizes energy from the earth to efficiently heat and cool your home and provide a source of hot water. While most AC units are installed outside the home, a geothermal unit pumps water through underground coils where the temperature is more consistent. KDC Air & Heat can install, repair and maintain geothermal water source units in Picayune, Carriere & Diamondhead, MS.

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3 Benefits of Geothermal Energy

3 Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Are you looking for a more efficient way to heat and cool your Picayune, MS home? Geothermal water source units come with huge benefits, including:

  1. They're energy-efficient, which results in a lower energy bill.
  2. They're an eco-friendly source of energy.
  3. They provide an energy source for heating your home and your water.
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